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12 Oct2018

Life Insurance, are you covered?

The problem with a problem is that we don’t know it’s one until it’s often too late. Would your family and business associates be left out in the cold if something was to happen to you?

fallen tree on house

12 Oct2018

Is your home storm ready?

Summer in our part of the world means the risk of damage delivered by storms is at its peak.

Cyber Crime

16 Aug2018

30 percent increase in Cyber Crime & online scamming

Cyber crime & online scamming of businesses is up 30% Cyber attacks are an emerging threat to Australian Businesses with the consequences of an attack being severe which can result in loss of income, damage to your systems and liability resulting from loss of data & privacy breaches.


19 Oct2017

When the power goes out,

During September 2016, two severe storm fronts swept across South Australia in what could be described as one of the most extreme weather systems to hit the state in 50 years. While the entire state was without power for several hours, many businesses were without power for several days, resulting in a significant loss of turnover. Is this type of loss covered by business insurance? Short answer is, it depends on the type of policy you have.

Baggage claim

25 Aug2017

Corporate travel. A better way to go!

Attention business owners! Did you know that as a director of a company, a corporate travel policy is valid for both your business and leisure travel worldwide? The cover can also include additional business executives and other employees on the move.

Flooded house

4 Aug2017

The cost of Cyclone Debbie

As the state continues to recover from ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie, the real cost of the Cyclone may never truly be known. The cyclone which crossed the coast on 28th March 2017 as a category 4 system, caused subsequent flooding in communities from the Whitsundays to New South Wales and then across to New Zealand. Over 72,000 Queenslanders requested assistance. Cyclone Debbie caused the closure of many schools and business in the lead up and once the Cyclone had passed many of the affected areas had further closures as a result of Public Utilities.

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