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Do you use and regularly update firewall protection systems?


Do you have a policy of all systems having a password which is prompted to be updated at least every 60 days?


Do you use and keep up to date a reputable antivirus software?


Is your data backed up at reasonable frequent intervals of no less than weekly basis?


Is any data which is stored or downloaded to any mobile or removable device encryptyed?


Do you maintain an operational system for logging and monitoring user activity on your computer systems?  


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Proinsure is a preferred supplier to the Managers Accommodation Industry

Proinsure specialise in insurance products to the Resident Unit Manager Industry and have worked with insurers to develop specialised Insurance Products to Protect the Business Activities of the Resident Unit Manager.

Resident Unit Managers insurance with Proinsure

Practicing as a professional in today's financial world can be rewarding and at the same time risky, that's why Proinsure is here to assist you.

Exposure to expensive, time consuming litigation from disgruntled clients is a real threat. It is crucial that every professional ensures his or her activities are covered by a Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Policy which has been specifically designed for their Business activities. Increasing consumer awareness and consumer related legalisation is placing an ever increasing burden on professionals.

We are able to provide Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Business Insurance & also Business Interruption to protect you against loss of income in any of the units that you manage. Together with effective Risk Management strategies we are able to offer you a comprehensive / competitively priced Insurance Programme along with a Professional claims service which is second to none when you need it most.

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