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Complimentary insurance check with Proinsure

The best way to find out if we could help you with your insurance cover is by having a complimentary insurance health check.

This is a great opportunity to get advice on your insurance from an expert. During this session, we’ll do the following:

    • Complete a review of your current situation, including reviewing your current concerns and your future plans
    • Review your current cover and go through your current policies to identify what is and isn't covered
    • Review any uninsured risk you might have and what that might mean for you
    • Provide a quote on all the options discussed

Then, at the end of your insurance health check, if we both think that you could benefit from our services, we’ll look at the different options to see what would suit you best.

If you’d like to book in your complimentary insurance health check, then please enter your details in the form or call on 07 5500 3500.

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Book a complimentary insurance health check to review your cover to make sure that you’re not underinsured or overpaying.

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