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Medical malpractice  insurance with Proinsure

Operating a business in the medical field can be complex and challenging. Claims against practitioners, medical centres, clinics and day surgeries can happen no matter how high the level of care.

We understand the unique risks faced by healthcare providers & establishments and can arrange specialised medical malpractice insurance for over 200 types of different health professionals.

Product features and coverage include:

Civil liability cover for claims arising out of the healthcare services you provide, such as liability under consumer protection legislation, libel and slander, infringement of intellectual property and breaches of any duty of confidentiality owed to a patient.

Vicarious liability for the acts, errors or omissions of medical practitioners and locum tenens (excluding individual medical malpractice liability).

Cover for claims arising from employee and principal dishonesty and Medicare benefits fraud.

Statutory liability cover for defence costs for proceedings brought under OH&S or environmental law and, to the extent permitted by law, fines imposed under OH&S or environmental law as well as other compensatory civil penalties.

Public relations expenses to prevent or limit the adverse effects of negative publicity.

Compensation for court attendance.

Molestation defence costs and inquiry costs.

Cover for employees & contractors, employees.

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